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Our signature hammocks are 100% hand-woven by highly skilled artisans. The flexible net consists of over 500 suspension cords made of pure cotton, which are traditionally handcrafted to form a breathable Mayan hammock. The arms and loops are made with nylon cord for added strength and durability. On exceptionally hot days, you will appreciate it for its cooling effect. This cotton hammock makes the perfect addition to your garden or pool. The Sunset Hammock is perfect for one or two adults. It is made with blue, white and orange cords.

We work with people in small remote villages who otherwise would not have access to any employment opportunities or any way to make a living for themselves. At Pelican Hammocks, we strive to create a sustainable culture in which everyone can benefit. You receive a comfortable 100% hand-woven hammock from a highly skilled weaver, while we help our weavers escape generational poverty, receive cultural vitality, and a social equality previously unavailable to them. With the help of our customers, our socially conscious efforts have created over one hundred jobs in marginalized remote villages throughout Central America. These jobs have increased family incomes by over 600% which have elevated our weavers and their families out of generational poverty.

Pure Cotton Pure, non-recycled cotton: hard-wearing and fuzz-free
Multicord High number of suspension cords
Approximate Specifications
Hammock width: 5 ft 7 in;
Total length: 13 ft 1 in
Cloth length: 6 ft 7 in
Carrying capacity: 300lbs;
Material description: Lying surface: 100 % cotton
Required minimum distance: 11 ft 10 in
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