Hammocks Make a Difference

In addition to offering the most comfortable hammocks, we are also committed to making a positive social impact! Our hammocks are selectively made in remote villages throughout Central America where previously there were little or no economic opportunities. In many of these communities, the only jobs available are hard manual labor for men. Women have no means of employment or income. Without access to employment or education, these men and women seemed destined to remain in a never-ending cycle of poverty, not because they were incapable or unskilled, but because there was simply no opportunity for them to share their talents. By partnering with the men and women of these remote villages, we seek to provide cultural, economic, and social vitality to their communities.

Our hammocks have a huge impact on our weavers and their families. Our weavers have been able to increase their family income by over 600%. This allows them to access clean water, fresh food, adequate shelter and clothing for their families. Our weaver's increased income also gives them access to medical care and many other things we take for granted on a daily basis.

At Pelican Hammocks, we strive to create a sustainable culture in which everyone can benefit. We take skilled weavers from inhumane working conditions, or those who do not have viable employment at all, and provide them with the opportunity to support their family in a safe and sustainable working environment. You receive a comfortable 100% hand-woven Mayan hammock from a highly skilled weaver; while our weavers escape generational poverty, receive cultural vitality, and a social equality that was previously unattainable.

With your purchase of a Pelican hammock, we can continue providing economic vitality to our skilled artisans as well as continue to add weavers from these communities into our Pelican family. We would like to thank you for considering making Pelican Hammocks your relaxation destination!