Hammocks for Hotels & Resorts

At Pelican Hammocks, we have developed a special line of hammock products exclusive to hotels and resorts. Our hammocks are highly demanded by 5 star resorts, boutique hotels and interior designers alike. It’s perfect for an afternoon siesta, reading or hanging out. This hammock line is a highly recommended addition for your balconies, pool areas, gardens and terraces. This line of hammocks comes in 2 different precious wood frame designs that you can chose from. These frames feature granadillo which is the same wood used in Mercedez Benz dashboards and Gibson guitars. In addition, the bed of the hammock is made with 100% extra virgin natural cotton. This is an extremely soft and comfortable hammock in addition to being a very durable product. Contact our hammock experts today to see how we can turn your hotel into a relaxation paradise.