About Pelican Hammocks

We are a family owned company based in Saint Augustine, Florida, dedicated to the sale of top quality, 100% hand-woven mayan hammocks. Pelican Hammocks was founded with two objectives in mind: to provide the most comfortable and high quality hammocks that will provide you with years of relaxation, and to create a sustainable culture that will simultaneously fight social issues associated with poverty while providing the opportunity for marginalized communities to grow socially, culturally, and economically. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the world's most comfortable hammocks, while also promoting positive social change.


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Hand Made • Fair Trade • Sustainable

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Our Philosophy

In a competitive marketplace it can be tempting to build a company that cuts corners and devalues its employees, but it's hard to feel proud of the money that is earned that way. At Pelican Hammocks, we feel the same frustration that many consumers do in regard to the obvious irresponsibility and greed of many big businesses. We hope our hammocks show that businesses can both operate ethically and make a positive social impact.

Our Mission

At Pelican Hammocks, we work to create positive change, through a high quality and affordable product that people can love and enjoy....one hammock at a time. With the help of our customers, our socially conscious efforts have created over one hundred jobs in marginalized villages throughout Central America. These jobs have increased family incomes by over 600%, which in turn have elevated our weavers and their families out of generational poverty.(Click here to read more about our weavers)

Our Impact

With your purchase we can increase the number of weavers, thus giving more families the opportunity to obtain a better quality of life. In addition, your purchase benefits the economy of these marginalized communities and increases access to clean water and health care. It's truly amazing what can be done through the comfort of a quality hammock. Doing good has never been so relaxing! (Click here to read how your purchase makes a difference)