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At Pelican Hammocks, we make hammocks by hand! Our collections of hammocks and hammock chairs, are truly one of a kind. Each one of our hammocks are uniquely handwoven. We also create custom hammocks as well with the ability to mesh together 14 different colors to correct thousands of possibilities.

We are not your typical hammock store. In fact, at Pelican Hammocks, we strive to be different. Our Mayan Hammocks are designed from the bottom up, weaving beautiful cotton cords into relaxation master pieces. Our slogan is “Relaxation Starts Here,” and you’ll know why when you lay in one of our hammocks. At, you can easily browse our full collection of hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock accessories and more. Pelican Hammocks prides itself on being the number one handmade hammock retailer in the country and selling more Mayan hammocks than any company out there.

Here at Pelican Hammocks, we’re known around the world for selling one of the most comfortable hammocks on the market. We’re the best at helping you choose between cotton hammocks and nylon hammocks. Don’t settle to buy just any hammock. Our hammock beds are the most comfortable on the market thanks to the weaving pattern used. Our cotton hammocks put all other mass manufactured hammocks to shame. We know you’ll find a hammock that will transform your bedroom or backyard into a relaxation oasis.

Why has this type of hammock become so popular? It’s no secret why many refer to our hammocks as the best hammocks in the industry – it’s all about the comfort. Our cotton hammocks have been revered as such comfort we have become a major retailer for bedroom hammocks. Many people have replaced their bulky mattresses and hung up a hammock instead. Many hammocks on the market are large rope hammocks. Our hammocks are based off a string hammock design. We don’t use big bulky ropes but rather miles of tiny strings that mold around your body for maximum comfort. This makes for the perfect sleeping hammock. Whether you are looking for small hammocks or hammock beds – we have you covered.

Hunting for and purchasing just the right Mayan hammock increases relaxation anticipation, and our unique designs make great conversation starters. Talking about the merits of our custom hammocks vs. a mass produced hammock is much more entertaining that chatting about the weather.

It doesn’t just stop at our Mayan Hammocks, we also specialize in hammock chairs. If you are looking for an indoor hanging chair – look no further. We offer numerous styles perfect for any child, teen, or adult. Our hanging chairs are perfect for any space due to their small foot print. If you are tight on space, our hanging hammock chairs may be your best bet to still capitalize on our our handmade comforts.

Now that you know about the best hammocks, we know you’ll want one! You may also need hammock hooks, hammock ropes, or other hammock suspension accessories. Our hammocks are perfect to hang from trees, walls, or even wood post. If you do not have those two perfect trees, we even offer hammock stands. We specialize in providing metal adjustment hammock stands and wooden hammock stands. All of our hammock stands are treated for the outdoors to ensure you have years of use.

Wanting an outdoor hammock? No problem. We sell hammock protectors that fit perfectly over all of our hammocks. Our hammock covers simply slide over the hammock when not in use. We you are ready to use them, they simply slide back up and tie out of the way around the arms. We even sell hammock mosquito nets, hammock tables, and other hammock accessories.

The spirit of giving goes hand-in-hand with comforts of our hammocks. Pelican Hammocks are fair trade and handmade throughout Central America. We are working to bring over 500 families out of generational poverty and with the purchase of our hammocks you can rest assured that as much of the profit is going back into these communities as possible.

Each Mayan Hammock or Hammock Chair is quality tested to ensure the best experience possible for our customers. We pride ourselves on customer service, and our customer service representatives are on standby waiting for your call, or email.

We also ship to over 200 countries and you can confidently shop on our website because we PCI compliant and secured with Comodo. We also accept all major credit cards on all of your purchases as well as paypal for your convenience. We take this job very seriously and are intent on making the world a better place, one hammock at a time.

About UsWe are a family owned company based in Saint Augustine, Florida, dedicated to the sale of top quality, 100% hand-woven mayan hammocks. Pelican Hammocks was founded with two objectives in mind: to provide the most comfortable and high quality hammocks that will provide you with years of relaxation, and to create a sustainable culture that will simultaneously fight social issues associated with poverty while providing the opportunity for marginalized communities to grow socially, culturally, and economically. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the world’s most comfortable hammocks, while also promoting positive social change.Our PhilosophyIn a competitive marketplace it can be tempting to build a company that cuts corners and devalues its employees, but it’s hard to feel proud of the money that is earned that way. At Pelican Hammocks, we feel the same frustration that many consumers do in regard to the obvious irresponsibility and greed of many big businesses. We hope our hammocks show that businesses can both operate ethically and make a positive social impact.

Our Mission

At Pelican Hammocks, we work to create positive change, through a high quality and affordable product that people can love and enjoy….one hammock at a time. With the help of our customers, our socially conscious efforts have created over one hundred jobs in marginalized villages throughout Central America. These jobs have increased family incomes by over 600%, which in turn have elevated our weavers and their families out of generational poverty.(Click here to read more about our weavers)

With your purchase we can increase the number of weavers, thus giving more families the opportunity to obtain a better quality of life. In addition, your purchase benefits the economy of these marginalized communities and increases access to clean water and health care. It’s truly amazing what can be done through the comfort of a quality hammock. Doing good has never been so relaxing! (Click here to read how your purchase makes a difference)

Pelican Hammocks

We are a family owned company based in Saint Augustine, Florida dedicated to the sale of top quality 100% hand-woven mayan hammocks. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer some of the world’s most comfortable hammocks and hammock chairs while also promoting positive social change. With the help of our customers, our socially conscious efforts have created over one hundred jobs in marginalized villages throughout Central America by employing highly skilled artisans to make our hammock chairshammocks, and hanging chairs. 

The Hammocks

Our hammocks and Hammock Chairs are 100% hand woven utilizing premium cotton. Our hammocks come in various colors and you can choose between three different hammock sizes.We also offer 100% hand woven mayan hammock chairs and hand woven spreader bar hammocks. Our hanging hammock chairs come in one size perfect for a child or an adult. You can also design your own custom hammocks featuring your chosen color combinations and measurements. We also can create your own custom hammock chairs as well.

Make a Difference

With your purchase we can continue growing our amount of weavers and give them the opportunity to provide a better life for their families by making you your own hammock, hammock chair, indoor hammock, or hanging hammock chair. In addition, we can continue putting as much money back into these marginalized communities as possible, giving them access to clean water and health care. It’s truly amazing what can be done through the comfort of a quality hammock! Doing good has never been so relaxing!