Our Weavers

Our weavers live in small remote villages, many of which do not have road access. Surrounded by either water or jungle, these communities have been struggling to survive as a result of few employment opportunities and food shortages due to commercial overfishing. Many families in these villages are forced to survive on just a few dollars each month. In an effort to bring social and economic vitality to these villages, we worked with our weavers in order to create Pelican Hammocks.

The people in these communities, such as the K'echi people, are Mayan ethnic groups who have woven hammocks for thousands of years. Hammocks are a way of life in these communities. Our weavers have woven hammocks most of their lives and are experts at their craft. Just as a father may teach his son how to fish, a mother in these communities would teach their children how to weave a hammock. Our weavers are the backbone of our business. We simply provide them with the opportunity, the tools, and the dignity to create a better life by sharing their craft with you.

Each week Pelican Hammocks delivers premium cotton and other weaving supplies directly to the weavers’ homes. Upon completion, we pick up their comfortable creations and take care of the logistics of getting our amazing hammocks to your home for you to enjoy.

Through the socially conscious efforts of Pelican Hammocks, we have made a huge impact on our weavers’ lives. Our weavers are genuinely happy with the opportunities afforded to them and their happiness is evident in the quality of the hammocks. Intricately designed and completely hand-woven, it can take up to two weeks and up to 5 miles of cotton cord just to make one hammock. The end result is a hammock in a class of it's own.