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With the various Mayan hammock sizes, it's strongly suggested to access least a queen size Mayan hammock for a couple (also called matrimonial size), or even a super king size hammock for holding the entire family. The hammocks not only can provide comfort for your family, but these are also beautifully handcrafted and normally brightly colored. Mayan hammocks also have health benefits as well. The slight elevation to the head of the hammock lets decrease in stress on the head and tightness with the chest. Our customers have reported that our mayan hammocks have helped to minimize chest congestion and or head congestion through chilly and allergy times as it helps to raise the head.

Mayan hammocks are made of premium cotton. Not only does cotton wear well, it cleans easily and may be woven into a very comfortable hammock. The large number of cotton cords make it strong so it can support up to an entire group of four. These hammocks use an open weave pattern which also helps keep you cool.

Visit our website for complete Mayan Hammock information. Other terms for hammocks are Yucatan hammocks and Mexican hammocks. The relaxation from just lying there after a lengthy day is inevitable, especially with how comfortable modern hammocks have become. Using two needles along with a loom, it might take several weeks to produce a decent sized Mayan hammock. They performed well with both (Maya is spoken within the village and Spanish is the second language). Mayan hammocks are perfect option for warmer climates.

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